Australian Financial Reporting Solutions

Mount Alexander Shire Council    

"I enjoyed the training session - your energy and knowledge of the subject kept me interested throughout.."  Accountant

McBain McCartin & Co.  

"The session was informative and helpful and prompted a number of questions." David McBain

Mambourin Enterprises Inc.   

"The session which I attended was most helpful and well presented"
Philip Lange, MBA, CPA, ACIS  Chief Financial Officer

Australian Institute of Workplace Development 

"You have the rare ability to alter your delivery style depending on the topic, the audience and / or the situation. This was evidence in the different approach you took with the audit lecture verses the understanding the business session."  

Geoffrey R. Lewis  

"I have come to trust/rely on Carmen to deliver material that exceeds requirements, she has never failed to deliver on time and highly accurate material and I look forward to a continuing working relationship"

   Geoffrey R. Lewis, Graduate Certificate in Industrial Education & Training, Associate Diploma in Business(Operations Management)

WHK Group  

"There was a lot of very positive feedback after your session (and a bit of surprise that they enjoyed a financial accounting session). I think everyone appreciated having a session that was relevant and tailored to their issues and gave them something to think about." - Group Financial Accountant, WHK Group